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The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art.

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Forget sex on the moon

Lets read The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley.

It’s free and accessible in PDF form at It was never published until the 80s.

6 Ways To Talk To Your Son About Male Violence and Healthy Masculinity — Everyday Feminism 

I’m lucky to have grown up with a family with an alternative definition of masculinity.

And I’m so lucky

To have a job where passion meets compassion. The parents I have. The water I have.


Is the greatest gift of all. Use it like a weapon. Let’s create the kindest generation in the history of the world. Life is hard enough as it is. Kindness is important. It’s free and the greatest gift of all. To both the recipient and the giver

Was having a shitty day

Then a letter from the water project came and told me the very real effect my donation is having on individuals. I can’t wait until I get to the point where my resources match my compassion. Those that say selfless service is a key to happiness are onto something.


To the new homie Esther from Rowanda. I’m glad I could help you with water!

Love from across the world!

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