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On this day in 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold entered in their school and developed one of the worst massacres in United States, known as “The massacre of columbine”.

For almost a year they planned the slaughter, during which time they bought their weapons:

-QHi-Point model 9mm carbine rifle
-Sawed-off pump-action shotgun Savage-Springfield 67H
-TEC-DC9 9-mm semi-automatic handgun
-Double-barrel Savage 311-D sawed-off shotgun 

Different kinds of knives and made propane bombs, among other things. Both had a journal where wrote their reasons to kill people and stating their hatred and desire for revenge. 

Initially the plan was to put the propane bombs into the school and make them explode to kill as many people as were possible, however the bombs didn’t explode. So unfortunately they entered into school and began firing killing 13 people and wounding 24 more. After that, they committed suicide.

Their victims were: Cassie Bernal (17), Steve Curnow(14), Corey DePooter(17), Kelly Fleming(16), Matt Kechter(16), Daniel Mauser(15), Daniel rohrbough(15), Rachel Scott(17), Isaiah Shoels(18), John Tomlin(16), Lauren Townsend(18), Kyle Velasquez(16), Dave sanders(47).



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Sunday Epiphany by Michael Faudet

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Dear everyone

Your forgiven

I was floating last night when I figured errything will be just fine

I love you,

This is for everyone whose ever felt alienated

and I intend to show you - your appreciated


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